A home (page) for the revolutionary: My website!


I am very pleased to present you my new web site: silviagiovanardi.com !

My aim is to diffuse my modus vivendi to a scale where it won’t be a revolutionary movement anymore, but a natural habit. To make this happen, I need to start inciting everyone with that contagious enthusiasm I have in my heart for this cause.

It doesn’t get better than the internet when it comes to straightforward, effective divulgation. So I constructed my site to be my podium, the first harbinger of my message, my window to the world. From here, with no filters, I can disclose my mission and explain every nuance, even the most subtle ones, of the journey I want to accomplish.

Learn all about my work, browse my collections, discover how you can love yourself more, follow my passionate research for peace ambassadors.

Silviagiovanardi.com, you’re welcome to visit anytime!

Most sincerely,