My goal for the future is to do anything in my power not to be one of a few but one of many, to not being a revolutionary anymore, so that the world could heal and naturalness become the bastion of everyday life.

The Honeymoon 1 collection is entirely made of natural material so that one day, if buried, not only it won’t be polluting but if will become new humus and new life.

The choice to use different fibers together reflects the terrain’s need for a circular agriculture based on a triennial rotation that respects the fields and avoids the need for pesticides.

silvia giovanardi how it's made
silvia giovanardi how it's made

The next stage is that of the incredible world of natural dyeing: the substantial beneficial properties of the plants are well known when we eat and metabolize them, but if we also wore them, their contact with the derma would also let our pores breathe all the due therapeutic benefits.

Chemical dyes are the replica of the molecular structure of natural ones and, since it’s been established that they’re harmful to our skin, I chose to dye all my fabrics with dyeing plants, to rediscover the magic of a new health without compromises.

silvia giovanardi how it's made
silvia giovanardi how it's made


ECO HEMP: a durable hollow fiber with good thermal properties that provides great comfort. The plant grows without the need of human intervention, it oxygenates the soil and needs very little water to be grown.
Hemp’s tear resistance is three times stronger than that of cotton and, among all the natural fibers, it’s the one that better resists wear. Hemp is a living fiber: a hemp garment, if exposed to air overnight, loses the odors it’s permeated with and gains back its tone and softness.

ORGANIC LINEN: Hypoallergenic, linen has a high rate of moisture absorption and dispersion of liquid on the outside, it’s fresh and provides great comfort. Linen fabrics are stable and don’t warp with use.

ORGANIC SILK: the composition of silk is similar to that of the human skin, therefore the fabric is able to maintain the temperature in an optimal way, both hot and cold. This silk comes from organic the cultivation of mulberry trees that are home to the silkworm.

ECO SOY: a fiber with excellent breathability and ability to retain heat. Soy is antibacterial and so comfortable it’s called the “vegetable cashmere” of its softness.

ECO CORN: corn fiber is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and absorbs moisture.

ORGANIC COTTON: non-allergenic, non-toxic, cotton facilitates natural skin perspiration and gives a pleasant sensation of softness and well-being. Cotton is fresh and durable. Choosing organic cotton we can fight the scourge land exploitation: the conventional cotton cultivation, which covers 2,5% of the worldwide farming soil, uses more insecticides than any other cultivation, causing tremendous effects. Every year the production of cotton uses more than 10% of all the pesticides and about 25% of all the insecticides used in the world. Cotton farmers also use the most dangerous pesticides so much that the World Health Organization reports 13000 deaths due to pesticides every year.

MILK: soft and silky, anti-bacterial, has the functions of nourishing and taking care of skin, superior strength, absorbs moisture, is comfortable and fluffy.

All these fibers are completely natural, renewable and biodegradable.

silvia giovanardi how it's made
silvia giovanardi how it's made

FABRICS: Tessile Ecobio

NATURAL DYE: Stefano Panconesi at Tintoria Iride (GOTS certified) and Tintoria Cobra with color analisys by Laboratorio Buzzi. Dyeing plant used: gardenia berry, reseda, tannin, campeche wood, haematin, lac.

ECOPRINT: Olivia Lambertini (Radici & Co).Dyeing plant used: gardenia berry, campeche wood, brazilian wood, turmeric, poppy, safflower.

INK-JET PRINT: Seride using water saving machines made by MS Italy.

VEGETABLE TANNED CALFSKIN: Incas using leather deriving from food processing waste, vegetable tanned with mimosa, chestnut, quebracho.

BIOPLASTIC: Api. Rubber for footwear made of vegetable oils TPU Biobased.

BUTTONS: Berbrand. Environmentally friendly quartz buttons.

ZIPPERS: Zip Goffredo. Zippers made of simple, untreated materials.

LABELS: Dienpi. Labels made of hemp/cotton. Dienpi is socially engaged and supporters of the fight against child labor.

SILK TIES: Servizi e Seta, Ongetta, Maggio Adua.

SAMURAI MANUFACTURING: Compagnia Accessori, Mab Manifatture, Model Shoes (Devis Pagnanini).

EMBROIDERY: Arte e Ricamo

PATTERNS: Tm Project




SHOE FACTORY: Fabrizio Mandolesi



PAINTING: Ferrario. Women in Como reborn to new pictorial nobility

silvia giovanardi how it's made
silvia giovanardi how it's made

I avail myself of the most important certifications (organic, ecological field and sustainability at work):

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

ICEA (Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale)

ICEC (Istituto di Certificazione della Qualità per l’Industria Conciaria)

EMAS (Eco-Managementand Audit Scheme)

SAAS (Social Accountability Accreditation Services)

CISE (Certificazione dei Sistemi di Responsabilità Sociale) 

DETOXMYFASHION (Greenpeace Campaign)


Unfortunately, to prove the authenticity of a product today we have to resort to a certificate, as we live in a perpetual state of corruption.