My vocation consists in bringing fashion back to its original significance, stripping it from the horror it’s trapped in, to reveal its innate nobility.


Fashion today has a damaging impact on both ecology and human rights:

  • It’s the second most polluting industry on Earth, right behind oil. The use of pesticides to produce cotton is depleting soils, polluting water and causing diseases among farmers;
  • Garment workers in developing countries are paid way below minimum wage. They work in unhealthy and unsafe conditions and their exploitation has disastrous social and political effects;
  • Fast fashion feeds the vicious circle of consumerism because it produces more than we need so we tend to discard faster and create more waste than we can dispose;
  • The relocation of production is causing the loss of precious heritages such as local long time-honored crafts, knowledge, skills and culture.

Fashion undeniably generates BEAUTY. When beauty derives from such horrible things, though, it can’t be real, it’s an illusion. The fashion that creates this kind of beauty, therefore, is an illusion too.


I want to trigger in everybody’s mind the wonderful process of curiosity that inspires us to demand more for ourselves and for those around us. I wanna raise awareness about the importance of choosing healthy clothes and explain, through a multi-sensory experience (visual, tactile, olfactory, emotional), how a fabric can confer with our body to the point of taking care of it.

We all know how important it is to eat clean and healthy, so why don’t we give the same attention to the things we wear?

I assure you we can benefit from wearing turmeric as well as from eating it!

Beautyable Modus Vivendi - Schema


We often don’t realize that we were given an amazing and powerful gift:
MOTHER NATURE. Nature is rich and generous: it nourishes us by generating food, it attires us giving us fiber.


By getting back in touch with it and embracing a more natural rhythm, we will take care of ourselves while respecting the environment, local crafts and everyone in the supply chain.


  • Certified organic fibers (linen, silk, cotton) and ecological fibers (hemp, soy, corn, milk)
  • Natural dyes (dyeing plants like gardenia berry, campeche wood, turmeric...)
  • Vegetable tanned leather (from food processing waste)

BURY MY CLOTHES: all the fibers I use are 100% natural, so everything can potentially be buried, create new humus, therefore, new life.

All year long: there is no fall-winter and spring-summer anymore, fast fashion now stacks up 52 micro-seasons per year: every week a new collection.
My creations are non-seasonal and durable. SIMPLY TIMELESS.

Multifunctional pieces: belts can also work as scarves, necklaces as jewels, and some pieces can be worn by men and women as well. 



  • Profound ethics
  • Real sustainability
  • Innovation
  • High craftsmanship truly made in Italy
  • Respect for humans, Earth and time
  • Coherence
  • Personal emotional investment
  • Social engagement and peace pursue


I’m here to promote a paradigm shift:

from sustainable fashion to BEAUTYABLE MODUS VIVENDI.

Sustainability has become an ambiguous term, it often translates in simple greenwashing, in fake measures brands take to keep feeding their fashion victims.
Sustainable literally means “capable of being supported” and my spin on this subject is to ground it on beauty. I asked myself: What does actually provide sustain? Foundations!

According to Plato, beauty is the origin of the world of ideas, it originates all things real, therefore, it’s the foundation of the universe.

sustain = foundation

foundation = beauty

sustain = beauty

Following this syllogism, I coined the word BEAUTYABLE as in “capable of creating beauty”, which can ultimately mean “beauty capable of sustaining the universe”.

I mean to take fashion back to its original meaning of lifestyle. I wanna show everyone how to be happy through this newly found modus vivendi, that includes fashion, food, photography and art. When we are happy and at ease, we feel safe to express ourselves freely.

BEAUTY is the source of everything, HAPPINESS is the aim. Happiness then creates more beauty in an endless circle of wellness. My duty is to help ignite this wonderful circle. 




One day my modus vivendi won’t be the revolution, but the customary.